Educating the public about the benefits of preserving and restoring biodiversity of our native plant communities, beginning in our own yards and gardens.



Meeting are free and open to the public. Join us for our next meeting at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, January 11 at Green Bay Botanical Gardens. See events page for details.

Preserving Wisconsin’s Prairies: What Can You Do?

Click the title above which is linked to a news story about how you can help bring pollinators to your yard. You can start with simply adding three plants to your yard; one type of milkweed, one type of mint, and one favorite flower of your choosing. And to really have an impact, encourage your neighbors to do the same. To find out how to start native plants from seed, consider attending our January meeting at the Green Bay Botanical gardens.

“As gardeners and stewards of our land, we have never been so empowered to help save biodiversity from extinction.” ~ Douglas Tallamy