September Prairie Tour

Join us on Monday, September 26th at 6 pm for a tour of the Paul Harman Prairie and Gazebo.

You can use the address 4677 Eaton Rd, 54311. Please know that Google Maps puts you about a mile before the actual location. So you have to keep going and follow the directions below.

  • Exit Manitowoc Rd from Hwy 43 and get into the left lane immediately.
  • Turn left at the first light (in between Stein’s Garden & Gifts and the McDonald’s) this is Eaton Rd/JJ
  • Stay on this road for what we guess is about 7 miles
  • You will come to a large curve in the road that curves right and you will see a street sign for Phillips Rd (it goes off to the north) STAY ON JJ
  • Then very shortly you will come to a curve in the road that goes to the left and you will see a street sign that also says Phillips Rd (this road goes to the south) STAY ON JJ
  • Not long after you will drive over a concrete bridge (it’s very small and if you blink you might miss it)
  • The land is after the bridge on the right hand side and you will see green tree tubes in it (it’s directly across from the white farmhouse)
  • You can pull in to the asphalt driveway in the middle of the tree tubes
  • Look for our Wild Ones Banner at the parking area.