A national non-profit organization, Wild Ones educates members and the community about the benefits of landscaping with native plants. We promote the biodiversity of native plant communities and the use of environmentally sound practices, beginning in our own yards and gardens.


Educating the public about the benefits of preserving and restoring biodiversity of our native plant communities, beginning in our own yards and gardens.


Wild Ones members participate in a variety of activities, including the following:

  • Speakers and informative presentations
  • Yard tours
  • Field trips to natural areas
  • Hands-on learning by removing invasive species
  • Planting and maintaining public gardens
  • Rescuing native plants

Some of our past activities include:

  • Volunteer as WILD Ambassadors in the Grand Garden at the Green Bay Botanical Garden
  • Provide volunteers to plant and maintain native gardens and areas at GBBG
  • Promote membership at various venues throughout the year. Past events include Springs Wings, Untitledtown Book Festival, School Garden Network, GBBG Wednesday BOGO nights
  • Maintain a section of the Mountain Bay Trail with annual cleanup in April
  • Annual native plant sale with speakers and displays at Stone Silo Prairie Gardens
  • Installed a yard of native plants for the winner of our Flip My Lawn contest
  • Filled a group of planters along Broadway with native flowers and grasses
  • Planted and maintain a garden of natives at the National Railroad Museum
  • Provide seeds, plants and advice to several school and community gardens
  • Through the Seeds for Education Grant program, fund native plant gardens at schools