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Tour of LaLuzerne residence

Wednesday, July 17th, 2024
to (Central Time)
LaLuzerne residence, 4238 Pouwels Ct, De Pere, WI, 54115 Map

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We will be touring the property of Jim and Sandy LaLuzerne, showing a wide variety of native herbaceous and woody plants. Some facts about this tour:

·       Original 5 acres was totally barren

·       Currently total of 23 acres

·       Over 2 miles of trails

·       Some old growth wooded areas

·       Several Brown County Champion Trees

·       200 plus species of trees and woody plants

·       Hundreds of native species of grasses, flowers, water plants, sedges, mosses, lichen, algae, etc.

·       Several prairies

·       Fish, amphibians, insects, arthropods, mammals, birds, etc. (create a habitat and they will come)

·       Fungi

·       Dead trees (standing and fallen)

·       Certified Wildlife Habitat

·       Monarch Way station

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